Keep Your Workforce Healthy

With a focus on employee Workers’ Compensation injuries, Kura MD helps get injured employees back to work faster at a reduced cost.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Can Be Lengthy, Uncertain, and Costly

It is critical that the physician is working hand-in-hand with the employer and the employer’s TPA (Third Party Administrator) who manages the employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance program. Employers experience delays waiting on reports, waiting for physician follow-up, and the process of completing impairment ratings.

Employers are seeking ways to close claims faster having more control over the process.

Kura MD Provides Employees Access to Physicians Using Our Telehealth Technology Platform and Medical Group for Workers’ Compensation Injuries/Claims.

The Workers’ Compensation triage and claims process managed by Kura MD ensures that Workers’ Compensation claims are processed accurately, in a timely manner, including impairment ratings. We work hand-in-hand with employers to keep their workforce healthy with a focus on employee Workers’ Compensation injuries, getting injured employees back to work faster at a reduced cost. Our Company Doctor Program will improve employees’ access to healthcare, the speed of their recovery, while reducing the employer’s healthcare costs.


Our Workers’ Compensation Claims Telehealth Services Include:

  • Toll Free Call center to “See a Doctor Now”
  • Telehealth Technology Platform for 2-way audio/video medical consultations
  • Occ Med and ER Trained Physicians in all 50 states available
  • Web-portals for the doctor, patient, coordinator, employer, and administrator
  • Workers’ Compensation triage
  • Automated online Workers’ Compensation claim reporting process including all forms and reports needed for closing a claim
  • Impairment Ratings offered as a standalone service
  • Bluetooth enable remote vitals monitoring devices – e.g., Blood pressure, Pulse Oximeter, Weight/Fat Scale, and more…
  • Smartphone app
  • Processes, systems, and technology to reduce the time from Workers’ Compensation injury to MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement)

Immediate Reporting and Assessment is Critical in the Workers' Compensation Claim Process

Using Kura MD, employees injured after hours, on weekends, or at a rural location can immediately begin the injury assessment process.


Find out how Kura MD can help improve healthcare for your employees and reduce your workers' compensation costs.

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