Accurate Impairment Ratings

Our physicians ensure that impairment ratings are done accurately and in a timely manner by using our automated claims processing software.

Impairment Ratings Services Are Available for Your Injured Employees TODAY!

Kura MD’s UR (Utilization Review) received a 100% accuracy rating from the state of California Division of Workers’ Compensation. Generating an impairment rating is the leading bottleneck impeding closing the Workers’ Compensation claim. In many cases a physician is backlogged and the impairment rating is put on the back burner and some physicians simply do not like to or do not want to provide impairment ratings.

Kura MD provides impairment ratings every day as a core part of our Workers’ Compensation services.

Common WC Reporting Errors Solved by Kura MD’s Automated Report Processing Software

No documentation of ADL which is required in the 5th editionTendonitis, fasciitis, or epicondylitis given at impairment (is it an inflammation and is not a permanent loss of function)Adding, combining or conversions
Spine DRE category higher than Category II (except for fusion)Grip strength or manual muscle testing used with carpel tunnelSpecific tables, figures and page numbers documented within the report
Spine ROM method used without explanationCarpal tunnel syndrome rated with ROM &/or grip strengthMore than one method used in the lower extremity
A minimum of 3 repetitions not documented for spine ROMPain chapter used (check relativity of the IR to total body)The injured side NOT compared to the non-injured side to render an IR for ROM upper extremity
Lumbar ROM fails to address SLR Rule I does not document sacral ROMMyofascial pain syndrome or fibromyalgia are given an impairmentNerve compromise rated without identifying the % of deficient for motor/sensory loss
No indication if inclinometer or goniometer was usedSubjective complaints without documentation of an objective findingFailure to document the Activities of Daily Living

If your Workers’ Compensation claims reporting and processing is not moving as fast as you would like, Kura MD can analyze your processes and recommend services to get employees back to work faster and happier!


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