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Kura MD Telehealth Medical Group and Technology Platform

Kura MD combines a dedicated physician medical group with a proprietary telehealth technology platform for improved outcomes in work related injuries with automated reporting built-in. Kura MD’s primary client is injured workers who want to get back to work faster, with better outcomes. By doing what is right for injured workers Kura MD can reduce costs for employers and payers, while improving reimbursement for physicians and treatment location partners.

The Kura MD medical group partners with brick-and-mortar medical facilities for treatments and procedures that require hands-on treatment. This may include Urgent Care Centers who can provide laceration repair or Physical Therapy offices to provide hands on manipulation and treatment.

TLP (Treatment Location Partner)

Kura MD works with treatment location partners, (e.g., Occupational Medicine, Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, or other types of brick-and-mortar medical facilities) to refer patients that need hands-on medical services. The Kura MD physician would refer the patient to the TLP’s practice for a specific treatment or procedure, but would remain the patient’s primary treating physician and care coordinator.

Key Services

Kura partners with medical facility locations that provide one or more of the following services:

  • Sutures
  • Eye-tray/wash
  • X-rays
  • Physical Therapy
  • Functional Capacity Exams

TLP Support – Impairment Ratings

Kura MD provides WC impairment ratings as a “standalone service.” Anytime you need an impairment rating simply click on your impairment rating portal link, complete the requested info and we take it from there. It’s simple, quick and will eliminate any impairment rating bottleneck you may be experiencing. If impairment ratings are slowing you down closing WC claims let Kura MD help. Kura MD Impairment Rating Web-page: CLICK HERE

How it Works:

  • Kura MD provides remote WC impairment ratings via our telehealth technology using state licensed physicians in all 50 states.
  • Physicians are specifically trained in WC and impairment ratings processes.
  • Nationwide brick-and-mortar WC medical practice network for any needed in-person assessments, e.g., range of motion assessment/functional capacity exam.
  • Our online WC impairment rating service saves the employee valuable time and saves the employer money!
  • No long-term commitment, no volume requirements, you may use our online impairment rating services as needed to complement your existing impairment rating process or to simply handle overflow.
  • Add an “Impairment Rating” button to your website to put WC impairment ratings at your fingertips

Join Today

Kura MD is looking for medical facility treatment location partners. A single practice is assigned a 20mi. radius, supporting approximately 100K population. We use geo-targeting and assigned territories to limit overlapping of brick-and-mortar services. Secure your market today!

If you are an individual who is interested in becoming a telehealth physician with the Kura Medical Group CLICK HERE

Please contact me to discuss Kura MD’s Treatment Location Partner opportunities.

  • Kura MD Confidentiality Agreement
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