Feedback about Telehealth and Kura MD
The Kura MD telehealth platform has made treating injured workers less painful for me and for my patients.  When I worked in the clinic, my patients would often drive 2 hours round-trip, sometimes with kids in tow, just to wait 1-2 hours to see me for a 10-minute appointment. Telehealth allows my patients to have their visits wherever, and whenever is convenient for them. The built-in workflow integration saves me time and ensures that I can deliver accurate and complete documentation to all stake holders as soon as the visit has concluded. Because of the integrated communication between physician, adjuster, employer, nurse case manager, and injured worker, I can secure necessary treatment for my patients more quickly than in a traditional clinic setting while ensuring that the injured worker has access to a modified work environment that with facilitate return to work with low risk for injury exacerbation. I am happy to be a Kura MD physician because I know that I am providing the ultimate care experience to injured workers and achieving the best possible outcomes.
Brittany Busse, MD

Telehealth allows physicians to see patients in their environment, allowing for a better physiological assessment. Telehealth also provides the physician an opportunity to provide connectivity and continuity rather than episodic care, it dramatically enhances the physicians ability to insure that the patient has understood, and is following the advice provided at the office or on discharge from the hospital, and most importantly, it affords the physician the ability to help patients be medication compliant. Telehealth helps physicians provide injured workers better outcomes, getting them back to work faster.

Jay Sanders, MD

Using the Kura MD telehealth platform I have been able to see patients much faster than the traditional process of an in-office appointment. Patients appreciate this and get back to work faster. There are also fewer cancellations for telehealth appointments vs. in-office appointments making the overall process more efficient and productive. I offer all of my patients the option to schedule appointments via telehealth as it benefits them and the practice. The telehealth platform is particularly effective in managing complex cases that are not progressing satisfactorily. These challenging patients benefit from timely access to their physicians during the variable course of their management, which does not always conform to a fixed schedule of office visits.
Les Kim, MD

Telemedicine is changing how workers’ compensation care is now delivered in California. Telemedicine is unique in the flexibility and speed in which claim management can take place between the provider and injured worker. Rapid and timely access to provider care means claims move faster and next steps for case management can be determined, ordered, and planned. Work status can be updated “NOW” when a worker is recovering instead of waiting weeks for the next brick-and-mortar office visit. When patients to do not make a full and complete recovery, the telemedicine platform helps bring the injured workers to MMI (Maximize Medical Improvement) and completing the impairment rating faster and more efficiently. Transfer your injured workers to KuraMD today to experience just how quickly and efficient work comp claim medical management can be done.
John Alchemy, MD

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