Free Emergency Telehealth Service for Healthcare Providers

As a result of the pandemic, providers are facing significant challenges in delivering care to their patients needing safe and timely treatment for both general health and occupational medicine.

Kura MD is offering healthcare providers access to a free 30-day emergency telehealth service program to help manage their practices virtually, with the option to continue services at a discounted rate of $30 per month per physician thereafter.

This service gives providers the means to deliver healthcare consultations to patients through a secure, HIPAA compliant video on a smartphone, tablet or computer. This timely public service initiative will provide medical assessments, answers to medical questions, prescriptions, physical therapy sessions, and access to behavioral health services.

What We Offer

Free 30 Days Subscription

HIPPA Secure Video Connectivity with telehealth request and consent.

Access to Kura Portal Appointment Schedule

Admin and Physician accounts to show on duty and on-call availabilities

Initial Set-Up instructions for Zoom access, patient connectivity, portal access and training 

Integrated Telehealth Billing at $5/bill (Workers’ Comp)

Access to Kura EMR Light with SOAP Note Documentation

Ability to link from Kura portal to Physician Practice EMR

Only $30 per month per physician after 30 days free subscription

Option to Upgrade to Fully Customized integrated Platform & EMR Services

To Enroll

Click below to access a complimentary 30-day subscription.
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