Targeted Telehealth Solutions

Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living Facilities

Targeted Telehealth Solutions

We empower clients with advanced telehealth technology and support services that increase access to care, improve the quality and effectiveness of medical interactions, reduce professional liability claims and related costs and increase revenue.

CMS estimates that 78% of all hospital readmits are unnecessary and that 67-72% of hospitalizations could be addressed via real-time physician care.

Program Benefits

  • Real time assessment of resident condition at the bedside – Treat in place
  • Reduced confusion and exasperation of condition to residents
  • Fewer readmissions means lower costs in performance-based CMS innovation models
  • Reduced skilled nursing facility length of stays
  • Reduction in need for transports – reduced confusion and risk to resident combined with reduced liability to the facility
  • Improved overall satisfaction for residents, families, staff and physicians
  • Regardless of location, families can be present remotely at each encounter creating immediate knowledge of any change in condition and ongoing care plan for the resident
  • Increased value in care
  • Improved resident outcomes
  • Reduced Professional Liability claims and lawsuits

Plan Features

Supported by Professional Liability Insurance

  • Premium discounts may be available through Professional Liability Risk Management Program


Licensed Physicians in All States

  • On site staff can access Kura MD’s physician network and include own physicians and medical director, if desired.


Technology and Equipment

  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology delivered and continually monitored.


Comprehensive Support Before, During, and After Implementation

  • Dedicated staff to ensure success at all stages of our engagement and fullest utilization.
  • Includes:
    • Site preparation and IT assessment
    • Cart customization according to facility needs
    • Equipment delivery and set-up
    • Live initial onsite staff training + train the trainer model
    • Ongoing service and support featuring 24/7/365 remote monitoring to ensure continual connectivity


Call Center

  • Access to our Call Center providing client service and support.


Increased Revenue

  • Mitigating loss of resident bed days keeps revenue in house.
  • Increased hospital referrals and Preferred Provider Status maintains and/or increases census as the acute care hospital is not fined for unnecessary readmits.


Highest Quality of Care

  • Higher degree of comfort for residents and families because bedside consult is always there.
  • Eliminating unnecessary readmissions.
  • Helps control or avoid the stress and trauma of transportation, costs, hospitalization, and the risk of additional illnesses.


Time and Cost Efficiencies

  • Our technology is multi-purpose and customizable.
  • Physicians can use our network to remotely administer to residents at all facilities where physical presence is not possible, thus creating a reduction in expense.
  • Equipment can be used for training, conferences, family interaction, behavioral health, education and peer review.


Monitoring and Program Review

  • Utilization reports monitor program progress and deliverables on a monthly basis

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