Roseville, California – April 12, 2016 – Donald C. Hurter has joined the advisory board of Kura MD, a leading developer of the next generation of telehealth focused on keeping employees healthy and working by improving access to care, eliminating system and process inefficiencies and generating substantial cost savings for employers. Kura MD’s advisory board is composed of seasoned healthcare and workers’ compensation experts who provide oversight of corporate strategy and governance.

Hurter brings in-depth knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry and workers’ compensation managed care and cost containment services to Kura MD.  He is the former Global Head of Medical Management Services for AIG, where he developed national and international case management programs and occupational health strategies.

“I am thrilled to have Don join our team,” said Kevin Hamm, Founder and CEO of Kura MD.   “Don has had a long and successful career managing insurance and healthcare expenses at the highest level in the industry.  He has earned the respect of his peers for his vision and ability to pioneer solutions in a challenging workers’ compensation environment.  The fact that Don has embraced what we are doing is validation of our direction as a company.  We want to be sure that we continue to develop practical solutions that meet the needs of insurance carriers and other payers.  Don will have critical input to assure that we know our customer.”

Hurter has served as a board member of the Insurance Rehabilitation Study Group, the Core Funders Group of the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Cornerstone Group, NCCI Medical Data Call Steering Committee and American Insurance Association’s Medical Advisory Board.

About Kura MD

Kura MD was incorporated in 2013 by Kevin Hamm, a successful serial entrepreneur and long-time healthcare and insurance industry executive.  Kura MD is the next generation of telehealth solutions and the first to create a tailored approach to meet the workers’ compensation insurance needs across the entire continuum of care.  Kura MD’s platform orchestrates care to save cost, time, reduce inefficiencies and better match healthcare resources to patient needs. Kura MD’s management team possesses extensive experience in healthcare technology development, insurance and workers’ compensation. For more information, please visit


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