ROSEVILLE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kura MD, a California based medical services and technology company, announced today the release of the industry’s first commercially available workers’ compensation SaaS telehealth platform (Software-as-a-Service). Kura MD works with Hospitals, Occupational Medicine Providers, and Urgent Care clinics to bring the doctor to the injured worker. Using Kura MD’s Telehealth Platform, a doctor can see the injured worker at the point of injury and schedule routine follow-up visits whether the injured worker is at work, home, or even traveling. As a provider of workers’ compensation telehealth services directly to employers for the past 3 years, Kura MD is now making its workers’ compensation platform commercially available nationwide.

Kura MD’s new workers’ comp Telehealth SaaS Platform is a game changer for the industry.

“Kura MD’s Telehealth Platform for workers’ compensation is a game changer,” says Doug Sumaraga, architect of the platform and recently promoted Kura MD CEO. Doug states, “Occupational Medicine clinics are limited geographically in their reach and the biggest non-medical expense to employers for non-emergency workplace injuries is time spent traveling to the ER or clinic and time away from work. Using Kura MD’s HIPAA secure Telehealth Platform, the injured worker can see the doctor when and where they want, dramatically reducing the time to be seen, obtain treatment and return to work. The goal is to enable ‘Brick-and-Mortar’ clinics to become ‘Click-and-Mortar’ clinics.”

Doug also states, “The workers’ compensation platform was built to replicate the in-office visit from initial check-in to the end of the visit and includes efficiencies not found in the brick-and-mortar clinic. All required state specific workers’ compensation forms and reports are built-in to the Kura MD Platform and are auto-generated and distributed to all stakeholders (employer, claims administrator, payor, physician and employee) at the end of the visit. These include DFRs, Progress Reports, Impairment Ratings, SOAP Notes, Treatment Plans and Work Status Reports. At the Platform’s core is an EHR designed for workers’ comp with integrated UR, RFA generation, e-billing, claims tracking to MMI, and much more. The Kura MD Platform addresses the med-legal environment and empowers the physician to focus on the patient and obtain optimal outcomes.”

Keith Woodard, newly appointed VP of Sales states, “The mission is to empower the U.S. workforce with ‘Click-and-Mortar’ clinics in every state and to enable physicians to operate their own Virtual Medical Clinic at their location of choice. By creating the largest virtual physician network in the nation, we can readily cover all 50 states 24/365 and provide quality care to the growing number of employers and payors subscribing to telemedicine on our platform.”

According to Dianne Vass, SVP of Marketing and Client Relations, “Over the next few years, industry analysts predict as many injured workers will see a doctor online for the initial injury and follow-up visits as are seen in the ER or clinic. Kura MD is at the forefront driving this change.” As a hospital network supporting employers’ injured workers, a workers’ compensation clinic, or an individual physician wanting to open or expand a virtual occupational medicine clinic, Kura MD’s easy to use, easy to learn platform is the perfect solution. With Kura MD’s quick start onboarding process, providers can begin seeing injured workers online in less than 30 days.

About Kura MD

Founded in 2013 based in Roseville, CA, Kura MD is the industry leader offering a workers’ compensation telehealth platform designed to provide and manage treatment throughout the continuum of care. Our primary focus is delivering telehealth services to providers, employers, injured workers, occupational medicine clinics and payors. Kura MD also provides telehealth services to employers for non-work-related illness or injury. The Kura MD Virtual Medical Clinic is accessible by phone or online using a smartphone, tablet, or computer and is OPEN 24/365.

In August, Kura MD obtained new investor funding, instituted a new Board of Directors and launched our SaaS business model. Kura MD is poised for significant growth and expansion in 2020.


Dianne Vass
Kura MD, Inc.
SVP Marketing and Client Relations
(855) 587-2220 x: 126

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