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Javeed Siddiqui, MD, MPH, chief medical officer and co-founder of TeleMed2U will be moderating a panel discussion at the 2015 Urgent Care Fall Conference in New Orleans. Along with other panelists, Dr. Siddiqui will discuss the current applications of telemedicine and the remarkable potential for the future growth of telehealth.

According to UCAOA,

The panel of real life telemedicine know-how will discuss perspectives on insurance-affiliated, independent operator, and hospital-affiliated telemedicine platforms. They will also discuss differences in vendor solutions, cover the current state of telemedicine in urgent care and debate where telemedicine and urgent care might be headed. They will identify best practices / lessons learned from early deployments, and finally address some of the financial implications for the urgent care operator.

Telemed2U TelemedicineDr. Siddiqui co-developed and directed one of the nation’s leading academic telemedicine programs at the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. During his tenure he served as associate medical director for the Center for Health and Technology and as medical director for the telemedicine clinics. Dr. Siddiqui has participated in over one hundred clinical research projects and served as co-principal investigator in telemedicine studies evaluating outcomes, economics, innovative applications and new technology development. He has also authored articles in peer-reviewed journals, published manuscripts and abstracts and presented at national and international medical industry conferences.

In a recent UCAOA article by Dorothy Wallheimer, Dr. Siddiqui stated, “There are tremendous opportunities to incorporate telemedicine at urgent care centers.” Wallheimer quoted Dr. Siddiqui and highlighted his position on telemedicine and urgent care.

  • “The technology adds expertise to urgent care sites. Physicians can consult through teleconferencing about whether the patient needs to be sent to a specialist or a higher level of care.”
  • “It enhances the urgent care facility… Instead of being the cough-and-cold center, now it can be the place for the appropriate level of emergency care.”
  • “It’s good healthcare delivery and it’s a very successful healthcare model.”
  • “With a telehealth network, you can have a house call with a patient at home using their tablet or laptop. … Or a patient can get on the website and request to be seen and determine if they need to actually come in to the urgent care center.”

The panel discussion “Telemedicine for the Urgent Care Operator: The How, What, When, Who,” will be held at the 2015 Fall Conference in New Orleans from 10-11:15am on Saturday, September 26.

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