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The Kura MD Solution

The Kura MD technology platform is a 100% HIPAA compliant Cloud-based SaaS platform. In addition to technology we provide Occupational Medicine and ER trained Physicians on-demand 24/7/365. Employer’s employees may access a Kura MD “Company Doctor” via phone, or online using a smartphone, tablet, or computer with the average response time to speak with a physician less than 4 minutes.

Employees have their own secure web-portal to store all of their medical information and medical records. Each employee may update their portal, upload information, schedule appointments, and review previous consultations. In our virtual waiting room employees may read magazines, listen to music, or watch videos. Our goal is to create a virtual medical office experience as close as possible to the traditional brick-and-mortar medical office experience.

Medical costs are rising and Emergency Room visits are increasing. Medical providers are looking to technology to take on the next challenge in healthcare, improve patient outcomes while controlling costs. This is a new paradigm shift from fee for service to outcome based healthcare.

Kura MD Provides the Following Telehealth Services for Workers’ Compensation Claims and General Health:

  • 24/7/365 Toll Free Call center to “See a Doctor Now”
  • Telehealth Technology Platform for 2-way audio/video medical consultations
  • Occ Med and ER Trained Physicians in all 50 states available 24/7/365
  • Web-portals for the doctor, patient, coordinator, employer, and administrator
  • Workers’ Compensation triage and general health telehealth-telemedicine
  • Automated online Workers’ Compensation claim reporting process including all forms and reports needed for closing a claim.
  • Impairment Ratings offered as a standalone service
  • Bluetooth enable remote vitals monitoring devices – e.g., Blood pressure, Glucose, Pulse Oximeter, Weight/Fat Scale, and more…
  • IOS and Android Mobile apps
  • Processes, systems, and technology to reduce the time from WC injury to MMI

Kura MD Workers' Compensation Telehealth Specialty Network

An innovative integrated service platform using technology and Telehealth to transform the Workers' Compensation industry.
  • New physician network of occupational medicine providers coveted by insurance carriers, MPNs, and workers' compensation payers
  • A digital e-commerce telehealth system specifically designed for workers’ compensation application
  • A specialty network of elite occupational medicine providers that revolve around proprietary technology and a telemedicine platform of primary treating physicians
  • The Kura MD network overlays inside any existing network or MPN as the primary direction for patients in that network
  • Patients are directly referred to our providers and appointments are scheduled from virtually anywhere with our telehealth primary treating physicians
  • Referred directly to local physicians when surgery or physical procedures are warranted
  • UR & associated administrative issues are virtually eliminated
  • Bills are scrubbed, pre-verified for accuracy and converted to E-billing & paid within 15 days
  • Physician support in production of medical reports and other related administration
  • Network reimbursed ABOVE fee schedule!

Why Businesses Are Adopting the Kura MD System

  • Consistent reporting and treatment of injuries
  • Practically eliminates the expensive UR process
  • Eliminates expensive and unnecessary bill review and costly liens
  • Allows immediate access to specialists and speeds up treatment plan direction
  • Ensures patients are directed to the most appropriate physician

Benefits to Injured Workers

  • Immediate care and direction of treatment plan
  • Improved access to in-demand specialists - brings medical services to under-served areas
  • Saves time traveling to/from doctors offices - especially valuable for rural areas
  • Shorter wait times - consultation within the hour vs. 20-40 day wait for a scheduled appointment
  • Patients are more open to asking questions - less formal setting reduces intimidation factor

Other Reasons for Telemedicine

  • Provide more healthcare benefits through telemedicine to retain the loyalty of your workforce
  • 96% of employees report that telemedicine saved them time in their life as a result of an online doctor
  • Employers living in rural and underserved areas can now have immediate access to a wide-range of providers online rather than waiting for an appointment of an available doctor in the next county

Kura MD is leading the industry offering telehealth solutions for workers’ compensation and general health to employers to reduce costs and improve employee’s access to healthcare creating better outcomes for the employer and the employee.

For more information on how Kura MD can benefit your business, please contact us.

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