How Telehealth Works for You

What if you could see a doctor the moment you realize you need one – no appointment necessary. And what if that doctor could prescribe the medication you need, and send it straight to your local pharmacy? And what if you could do this all from your phone, tablet, or computer? Well now you can, with the Kura MD telehealth platform. Ask your doctor today if they use the Kura MD telehealth platform allowing you to see your doctor online anytime, anywhere.

The Kura MD Telehealth Platform brings you face-to-face to your doctor or a specialist through a secure video consultation. In minutes, you can have your diagnosis, instructions for treatment and a transcript of your visit, which can easily be shared with your primary care doctor.

When You or a Family Member is Sick or Injured, Understanding Your Healthcare Options Can Save You Both Time and Money.

In an emergency, you should always call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department. However, in the case of non-emergency healthcare, for example ear ache, sore throat, colds/flu, and rashes, the most cost effective treatment option is a doctor’s visit.

Telemedicine provides the convenience of being able to see a doctor without leaving home, work, or even a vacation destination. It saves time and money by eliminating appointment hassles, travel time, and exposure to other illnesses while in the traditional waiting room.

When to Use Kura MD

  • If you’re considering the emergency room or urgent care for a non-emergency issue
  • When you or a family member is sick or injured
  • When your primary care doctor is not available
  • To request prescriptions or get refills*
    *Prescriptions are issued only when clinically appropriate. No controlled substances may be prescribed. Availability may be restricted by law.
  • While traveling and in need of medical care
  • During or after normal business hours, nights, weekends, and even holidays

Kura MD Benefits

  • Healthcare services can be requested in real time, face-to-face with your doctor online

  • Sophisticated state-of-the-art technology

  • See your doctor at anytime from anywhere

  • Secure systems ensure HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality

  • Manage your healthcare online, including reviewing doctor encounter notes, or requesting a new appointment, or asking general questions about your case using our secure messaging app

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