Kura MD Devices

Receive Accurate and Timely Vitals for Patients

Bluetooth Remote Vitals Monitoring Devices

Kura MD’s Bluetooth enable remote vitals monitoring devices allow providers to receive accurate and timely vitals for patients without an in-office visit. Using a smartphone and the Kura MD phone app, patients can take their vitals remotely and upload the captured data into their secure Kura MD telehealth portal, for example tracking blood pressure. A patient simply opens the Kura MD app, then using the Kura MD vitals monitoring device the patient takes their vitals reading and the recorded reading is automatically uploaded for the patient into their telehealth portal.

  • Vitals readings are conveniently available on the patient’s portal dashboard showing tracking history including graphs and charts.
  • Kura MD also provides a goniometer and 2 point incline meter apps for telehealth impairment rating functional capacity exams.
  • Monitoring employees with chronic conditions significantly improves an employee’s health and reduces an employer’s healthcare costs. The goal is to identify health issues before they become an ER visit.
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