Step 1 - Call (855) 700-6275

You will be connected to a healthcare coordinator who will create your telehealth user account and connect you to a physician. Once active, you can log into your account at to access your medical information or update your personal information.

Step 2 - What to Expect

As a Coventry telemedicine member, you will have direct audio and secure video access to a physician licensed in your state who is ready to provide medical care for any non-emergency workers’ compensation injury.  Our physicians will provide medical advice, treatment, order laboratory work, prescribe medication, arrange referrals or send you to the nearest Emergency Room, Urgent Care or employer designated Medical Clinic as necessary.

Step 3 - Support

If you have any questions or need assistance accessing your healthcare portal, please call (855) 700-6275. General questions about account management and features can also be resolved by visiting our help documents at

Benefits for Injured Workers

  • Immediate access to care and direction of treatment plan
  • Improved access to in-demand specialists
  • Saves time traveling to/from doctors’ offices
  • 96% of employees report that telehealth saved them time in their life as a result of an online doctor


  • All work status forms should be downloaded and provided to your employer.
  • If further treatment is recommended. Please download your notes and take to provider provided to you by your telephonic Triage nurse.
  • Feel free to reach out to your Triage nurse for any questions or concerns. You can use the number provided to you during a call with your nurse.
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