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Below are the guidelines to determine when it is most appropriate to utilize Kura MD Telehealth services


Kura MD, Inc. provides access to online telehealth services to expedite access to medical care for injured workers and facilitate the claims process.  Kura MD physicians are also specially trained in evaluating the patient’s condition and potential impairment, and expediting the care process towards MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement) when care is not progressing.  Injured workers have access to their occupational medicine physicians from home, work, or while traveling.

Treating Physician Access via Telehealth

If a patient is looking for or needs a treating physician, or has issues being able to schedule an in-office visit, the patient’s experience can be enhanced by offering access to a physician available online via telehealth.  Patients are offered the opportunity to transfer care to a Kura MD physician and schedule online appointments.

Example scenarios appropriate for use of telehealth:

  • Follow-up from initial care at an Urgent Care or ER and the patient needs to find a primary treating physician
  • The injured worker is dissatisfied with their current care provider
  • Long wait times at the clinic and too much time between appointment availability
  • In-office appointments are problematic due to transportation, distance, or childcare issues
  • Clinic hours are not convenient

Case is not Progressing Satisfactorily

At 90 days or later, if the case is still not progressing effectively, Kura MD physicians can provide a 360 degree evaluation of the case, determine current impairment, and make a recommendation for next best steps. If the patient has reached MMI, our impairment ratings experts can provide a 100% accurate impairment rating and report for all stakeholders without delay.

Criteria to consider:

  • Case is open more than 90 days
  • First level conservative care or therapy has been completed and medications have been prescribed
  • Employee has not returned to full duties
  • Specialty consult has been done and no surgical intervention is planned

90 Day Post-Surgical Care

Prescribed surgical procedures have been completed and the patient needs to be transferred to a treating physician to manage the patient’s ongoing post-surgical care, to evaluate next steps to determine the level of impairment, if any, and the most effective way to move the care process to MMI.

Next Step

Simply call 855.587.2220 (option #1) to speak with a Kura MD coordinator who will assist you in transferring the case to a Kura MD Treating Physician. Or simply complete the “transfer of care” form at and a Kura MD coordinator will take care of the rest.

Healthcare Virtually Anywhere

Transfer of Care Referral Options

Option 1
Case Consultations: Kura MD becomes an authorized “secondary treater” and Kura MD physicians provide consultative care.  An intake evaluation will include a case assessment, comprehensive history and exam, including determining the next steps to arrive at MMI. If an impairment rating exam is needed, the exam will be completed and the reports delivered to all stakeholders in a timely manner.

Option 2
Case is referred to Kura MD for ongoing care: Many times the current treating physician requests to have the case transferred for ongoing care.  Upon approval of the payer a case transfer is quick and easy. You may enter patient information for transfer using our online portal or you may download transfer forms and send via secure fax.

Follow-up Visits – Transfer of Care for Patients Already Established at Brick-and-Mortar Clinics

  • Follow-up for MSK injuries (sprains, strains, and nonspecific anatomic pain)
  • Post-surgical follow-up
  • Other post-procedural follow-up (laceration repair, splinting/casting), or similar
  • Emergency department follow-up
  • Patients with care longer than 8 weeks (may need evaluation for impairment rating for non-progression or need bio-psycho-social evaluations)
  • Transfer of care for a patient known to require an impairment rating

When is it NOT Appropriate to be Seen via Telehealth?

  • Actively bleeding lacerations
  • Patients with 8/10 pain or greater
  • Patients reporting gross deformity
  • Head injury with loss of consciousness, vomiting, weakness, or vision changes
  • Initial lower extremity injury with inability to bear weight
  • Patients with back injury reporting loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Patients with significant force in mechanism of injury (fall from >10ft, front or side collision MVA at >45mph, MVA rollover, or similar)
  • Initial injury in patients >65 years old
  • Patients that require immediate imaging

Take the Pain out of Workers’ Comp Injuries


  • Kura MD Telehealth Services are designed to assist claims managers to facilitate cases and provide injured workers with access to the care they need when needed.
  • Kura MD can facilitate difficult cases that are open for an excessive period of time, achieving MMI and closing the claim.
  • Patient consultations can be scheduled to include the claims manager or any other third party in addition to the physician. This is an additional benefit allowing the claims manager to participate and intervene in more cases with less travel and spending less time.
  • Avoid the expense of the case moving to QME or AME.
  • Expedite the care process, elevate status to MMI, get the claim closed, and the employee back to work faster.
  • Telehealth – better care access, more efficient and productive, lower cost, happy employees & employers, making the claims manager’s job easier!

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