Arissa Cost Strategies has announced the release of its Concierge Doctor & Triage Nurse Service, a cost-saving system that gives businesses access to doctors within minutes of the occurrence of on-the-job injuries.

The Concierge Doctor & Triage Nurse Service is being offered in partnership with Kura MD. It provides employers access to Kura’s telemedicine platform which helps avoid delays in diagnosis and treatment that raise costs for workers’ compensation claims.

“We looked at the workers’ compensation system from the perspective of the patient, provider and payer and developed the Concierge Doctor & Triage Nurse Service to improve outcomes while reducing costs,” said Kathy Torres, president of Arissa Cost Strategies, Inc. “The telemedicine component is of particular value. We were guided in the implementation of telemedicine technology by Jay Sanders, MD, who is widely recognized as the father of telemedicine in the U.S., and a member of the board of directors of Arissa sister company, Kura MD.”

The Kura MD platform builds on the power of telemedicine and adds Kura’s exclusive software support and processing system designed specifically to support the entire workers’ compensation process,” noted Kevin Hamm, CEO and founder of Kura MD, sister company to Arissa Cost Strategies. “No one in the industry combines the power of Kura’s software platform with the market knowledge of Arissa’s executive team. Together they bring to the marketplace the next generation system for providing outstanding care while efficiently managing the workers’ compensation claims process.

Instead of waiting for appointments, injured workers using Arissa’s service gain immediate access to emergency room-trained doctors, specialist providers and nurses. Read More:

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