About Kura MD

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About Kura MD

Founded in 2013 based in Roseville, CA, Kura MD is the industry leader offering telehealth for workers’ compensation cases. Our primary focus is providing telehealth services to employers for injured workers. Kura MD’s physicians provide the full continuum of care including injury triage, full treatment plan coordination, determination of maximum medical improvement, and impairment ratings, when needed. Kura MD also provides general health telehealth physician consultations for non-work related illness or injury. The Kura MD Virtual Medical Clinic is accessible by phone or online using a smartphone, tablet, or computer and is OPEN 24/7/365.

“According to the AMA more than 70% of injury claims do not require clinical intervention and could be treated using telemedicine.”

What We Do
Kura MD brings the doctor to the patient with our virtual medical clinic and helps our clients with the complexity of filing workers’ compensation case reports for work related injuries. Using Kura MD’s cloud-based telehealth technology platform, electronic medical records, WC report filing system, and Kura MD physicians we provide the treatment injured workers need to get back to full function quickly and efficiently. We accomplish this using our integrated telehealth platform that connects all key stakeholders including the injured worker, physician, employer, claims administrator, and nurse case managers. Tele-video capabilities add improved diagnostic capabilities to standard telephonic communication and allows the physician to more effectively employ compassionate care and empathic communication skills when treating injured workers resulting in improved outcomes. Our physicians strive to provide caring and evidenced-based treatment plans to all our patients, and Kura MD provides its physicians the technology tools needed to improve patient outcomes within the workers’ compensation system.

Kura MD also deploys Bluetooth enabled vitals monitoring devices to capture a patient’s vitals remotely, for example tracking their blood pressure. Using Kura MD’s medical devices and phone app, data from a vitals monitoring device is automatically uploaded and transmitted into the patient’s telehealth portal.

Why We Do, What We Do
Kura MD is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of injured workers. Whether the employee is located at a rural location with limited access to medical services or at the corporate office, Kura MD brings medical services to the employee delivered from our Virtual Medical Clinic. We are able to deliver greater access to healthcare which produces better patient outcomes at reduced costs. We believe that when you do the right thing for the injured worker, the whole system benefits.

At Kura MD we have one goal, get the patient better faster… and back to work and their life.

  • Workers’ Compensation – Telemedicine for employees’ work related injuries
  • General Health – Telemedicine for employees’ and their immediate families non-work related illness or injury

Telemedicine is delivered using Kura MD’s telehealth technology platform, remote vitals monitoring devices, medical coordinator call center, and physician group, “Kura Medical Group, Inc.”

Every Kura MD physician and employee is committed to our clients and patients to deliver the best healthcare experience possible. Kura MD physicians and executive team include some of the most experienced leaders in workers’ compensation telemedicine delivery in the industry today. The patient’s comfort, experience, and outcomes are what drive Kura MD to excellence.
Deliver medical services from our virtual medical clinic to our clients anywhere at anytime.
Kura MD’s mission is to bring medical services to patients when and where they need them, improving patients’ access to healthcare, reducing costs for healthcare delivery, and improving medical outcomes. Kura MD is committed to providing our patients the best medical care possible to improve their health and wellbeing. Kura MD also strives to have a positive impact on our clients, patients, and the communities we serve.

It is our vision that Kura MD will provide the most advanced and comprehensive system available to physicians in any practice environment and provide a superior user experience for patients.

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